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Negro Spirituals: Cyprian Josson Gospel Singers

Negro Spirituals: Its significance in my life

Negro Spiritual is a popular rural religious song, which originated in the days of slavery, between 1760 and 1875. The textile industry in the United States of America needed workers to pick cotton in the South. The only solution for the White farmers was to import slaves from the African continent to pick cotton in their farms. Some African slave traders and scrupulous princes sold their brothers to white slave owners for peanuts. It was a terrible journey to the Americas and thousands died on the way. They were thrown into the sea and those who managed to survive met harsh and humiliating conditions in the cotton plantations. The significance of Negro Spirituals in my life is huge because of the tenacity of our brothers, sisters and fathers who for the slave masters, and their ingenuity was to give to the world today songs from their hearts called the “NEGRO SPIRITUALS”. These songs transformed my life and helps me to endure difficult times, stand up tall to face the challenges of life.

Negro Spiritual: my favourite song

“Go down Moses” is a song I love so much. In all my concerts, I have always taken the pain to explain to my audience the meaning of this powerful song. The African slaves had a “Moses” in all-cotton plantations. The “Moses” was had the role of a spiritual guide, in fact, the wise man or woman they can trust and someone who can save them in the hand of “Pharoh”, the wicked slave masters. The most powerful among these “Moses” was Harriet Tobman. Negro Spirituals helped the slaves to escape their physical and emotional stress on a daily basis. The slave masters banned them from playing the drums. They turned their voices into vocal instruments and that was the beginning of playing with different harmonies: the voice percussion which may be called Acappella!

Negro Spiritual songs are part of my life today. I teach Negro spirituals in my Team building workshops in France thereby helping people to overcome their stress and anxiety.

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