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Gospelradio1 is here:What you need to know

Gospelradio1 is a not-for-profit Gospel station of AGNSCC – Association Gospel and Negro Spirituals Center Chartres, France. As a Gospel station, Gospelradio1 provides a mix of gospel and negro spirituals music, concerts of the Festivals international de Gospel et negro Spiritual de Chartres, journalistic content and information about the origin of African American music. There is also some interesting stuff for all lovers of fans of gospel music. Gospelradio1 programming is broad and designed to reflect the interests of Christians and gospel lovers across the globe. This approach gives our visitors the opportunity to watch live concerts on this website. For sure, we remain committed to serving the needs of our listeners worldwide with our podcasts and live programs

A Message From Evangelist Nettie F. Ratcliffe to Cyprian Josson of Gospelradio1

My Brothers: you have done a good work! How wonderful it was to spend time with you in Chartres. Your hospitality is unequalled by any. We felt your love and above all, could feel the love of our Lord working through you. I feel that this work was most certainly ordained by Him and as a willing vessel, He honored your obedience to accept the assignment. You see my brothers, there is much « Gospel » music being sung, the secular world has discovered that there is money to be made, thus many « Gospel » CD’s are being produced. NOTE: Gospelradio1 shares this message of love and peace from our friends from Chicago USA.

There is a Difference Between Entertainment And Worship: Gospelradio1 Says Yes!

JourneySong, as we have experienced offers song as praise to God as we worship HIM in His greatness! As He responds, we experience his manifestation of His presence and the hearts of the people are touched! As the hearts of people are touched, and thirst for more of His greatness! As the hearts of people are touched, they experience hunger and thirst for more of His presence and soon learn that there is a difference as we offer praise in sung, worshipping at His throne, the biggest miracle of all occurs, souls are saved as they receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. NOTE: That’s why Gospelradio1 is there for you!

Thank You For Your Love, Your Time, Your Efforts

Thank you for your gracious response to all our needs. Please say “thank you” to Sister Stephanie and her helpers. My eating habits have changed, and I am dropping pounds. Say “thank you” to the Pastor of “New Apostolic”, we genuinely did enjoy our fellowship and look forward to meeting again. And please, oh please do not forget about MAX. God bless you and your family always!

Gospelradio1 is The House of Praise

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Festival International de Gospel Et Negro Spiritual de Chartres: JourneySong From Chicago USA

Our station is the house of praise and entertainment. Gospelradio1 is the place where you will hear sermons that will uplift your spirit to a positive attitude including all types of gospel music, testimonies, voices of gospel artists, and praise songs, live shows organised by and the scheduled prayer moments for healing, on-air conversations with our hosts and more…


The heartbeat of Gospelradio1 is spiritual motivation through music, prayers, talk shows, live concerts and we remain committed to serving you. Listen to your favourite gospel artists here. Recommend this station to your friends, relatives and families.

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