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Gospel Chartres: JourneySong performing in the Cathedral of Chartres

Gospel Festival in Chartres and JourneySong Part 2

Gospel Festival in Chartres is a MIRACLE! We hired a big bus to welcome JourneySong at the Charles De Gaulle Airport Roissy on the outskirt of Paris. Dr Willetta Greene Johnson and her new group JourneySong created for the purpose of Gospel International de Gospel et negro spirituals de Chartres were given a red-carpet welcome at the airport. However, I was told by one of the Airport staff that « JourneySong » the group did not board the plane and panic ran through my nerves. I was about to go with our driver and members of my team when I saw one of the singers who came out from the arrival gate. I was relieved as I rushed towards him and hugged him. « Where are the others ? », I asked him. And before he could give me the answer, I saw Dr Willetta Greene johnson with the remaining members of the group JourneySong with their luggage and musical instruments

Gospel Festival in Chartres: Behold, A Miracle Happened.

They marvelled when they saw the big bus waiting for them. Inside this long bus, the music of Louis Armstrong was playing: « Oh C’est si Bon » and our visitors were shaking their heads to the rhythm of the music. Smiles on their faces as the bus was cruising down to the city of Chartres, two and half hours from the Charles De Gaulle Airport. And it was a rainy day in Paris! Gospel Festival in Chartres and JourneySong is a MIRACLE. I realised the budget of this project from Ticket sales. No sponsor wanted to associate with me. « You are an amateur », they told me. The little help I got was from the city of Chartres and I was just offered the venue of the concert for free. « This is what we can offer you. Sorry, we have no budget for your event » Mme Brochet, the counsellor in charge of Cultural affairs told me.

Gospel Festival in Chartres: The group JourneySong landed in Chartres

The video below gives more detail to the story. At the end of the video, you can see the group JourneySong entering Hotel Ibis where we lodged them for one week.
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