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Gospel Singers in Chicago

Gospel and Negro Spirituals: My Chicago Experience

My topic today is Gospel and Negro Spirituals songs. I was surprised to see that Negro Spirituals have been relegated to the past of African American history. At the O’Hare Airport Chicago, I was arrested by the security agents for what they called “Profiling”, a routine investigation check to put it mildly for more than four hours of interrogation. In my box, the black officer saw the Chartres Local newspaper with my picture on it, and the title reads Festival International de Gospel et Negro spiritual de Chartres created by Cyprian Josson. He shouted pushing his chair backwards, two legs on the table and said “I’ve never heard such a thing for a long time”. Then he said “Cyprian, we don’t talk about the “We talk about Gospel and not Negro spirituals here, that’s not good. Gospel is what’s happening here. We have secular Gospel and Religious Gospel. Do you know Yolanda Adams?” he asked me. I said no. He advised me to check on the office of tourism in downtown Chicago for the concerts of this Gospel Star. However, he was just revealing to me indirectly that I was free to enter America. I was released without telling me why I was arrested and he wished me a wonderful time in Chicago, the windy city. “Enjoy your stay and make sure you see Yolanda Adam’s concerts.

Gospel Songs in Chicago

Strange enough, I realised what the Police officer told me at the Airport. Many African Americans are ashamed of the word “Negro Spirituals”. All the churches I visited had wonderful choirs and the songs were “PRAISE SONGS” which erased the past, and that is the burden of their ancestors who worked in the cotton plantations in the Southern part of the United States of America. Praise Songs are trendy in the United States while in France the french love the Negro spirituals. That’s my experience from two decades as a negro Spirituals singer in France

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