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Christmas brings you joy

Christmas brings joy and happiness

Christmas is a time of joy when we are in the mood to celebrate with our loved ones. It doesn’t matter your religion because many countries and governments across the globe have declared the 25th of December as a public holiday. Gospelradio1 has a way to celebrate Christmas. On our website, there are lots of stuff for you to brighten your day and night. Christmas is peaceful! Christmas brings joy too.

Christmas brings joy: not for everyone

However, some people are undergoing hardship and Christmas means nothing to them. I mean people in prison, those in war zones, kids roaming around many African cities searching for food. I can hear the voices of families who have no money to pay their rent and neighbours laugh at them. Yes, life is hard! That’s why we should be our brother’s and sister’s keepers during this period and beyond. You feel happier when you share the little you have with others. Let’s be compassionate! The significance of Christmas goes beyond feasting with one another. It is a time we should start to count our blessings because we’ve gone through a stressful year(for some of you), and for others, you may have received blessings in abundance to the extent that you should give some away to the less privileged people around

Christmas celebration in France

Christmas is not the same anymore since the Covid-19 pandemic. In France, we have the non-vaccinated and the vaccinated people. Some families are divided because of the green pass which means that if some members of the family are not vaccinated the magic of Christmas will not happen. Despite the facial masks and tons of precautions taken by people to avoid being contaminated by the pandemic, Christmas cannot be the same again.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed and we are all adapting to new ways to deal with this problem. In Africa for example, people are more concerned with other diseases like malaria, typhoid fever…

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